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[SGU]Fanfiction; Cloudy now; Eli/Scotty; PG

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Nov. 28th, 2009 | 03:28 pm
posted by: ailati in tiny_prayers

aka holy smoke, I wrote fanfiction! Or ficlet more like it, but anyway.

Title: Cloudy Now
Fandom: Stargate Universe
Pairing: Eli/Scotty
Word Count: 567
Rating: PG
Summary: It's a place of sorrow, but we call it a home.
Spoilers: Set in the beginning of season 1 episode 9, so tiny spoilers for that.
Warnings: Pretty angst-y, but other than that, nothing. Or well, someone might say shit, for a few times.
Disclaimer: The show is owned by a bunch of guys, who are not me. I'm just an unemployed student, so please don't sue me. Just borrowing! Name, summary and the cut-text borrowed from the song Cloudy now, by Blackfield, who are also not me.
AN: Too lazy to get this betaed, so sorry for any crappy use of the english language

Hey! You were supposed to join us!

Scotty would love to say that there isn't even a hint of disappointment in his voice, but really, who would he be kidding. And it's really not as if he can claim to be irrated about anything more than a crew-member not pulling their weight. Couldn't possibly be that he had hoped for someone who'd lighten the mood of military regulation jogs along the same goddamn corridors they've been running along to way too long now. Sir, no, sir, that absolutely wasn't what he'd been after when he had told Eli to join them.
Of course, Scotty might at least buy into his own bullshit, if Eli were to even look at him. Instead the man just keeps his back to him, and when he finally does look, it's a mere glance that refuses to meet his eye's. Like maybe he knows. Like maybe Scotty had kept his own secret even worse than he had thought, already made near impossible by the limited space and the near constant presence of the other man.
Eli is saying something that could be promises or then again maybe not, but Scotty doesn't hear either way. He's already running, trying to get away from the sudden choking feeling in his throat. That at least he has always known how to do.

Yeah, I know, sorry. I-I-I pulled a thing.

Eli really doesn't even know what on earth had made him say yes in the first place. Something in the way Scotty had sounded so genuine, as though he really wanted Eli to come, not just any random crew-member, or even Chloe. It had been enough to make him forget why he has spent years going his best to avoid any forms of public exercise.
That is until he's alone again. Then it all comes back again. The mock-catcalls he used to get from the jogs and the cheerleaders way back when, the complete humiliation of it. And then he imagines Scotty seeing him like that. It's not as if Eli has any kind of delusions about Scotty feeling anything towards him past friendship, but there are still somethings he'd rather avoid. This way he still gets to keep dreaming, instead of being confronted with reality in the look of what would most definitely be utter disgust on Scotty's face.
Later, when Eli has finally managed to nearly beg Young into giving him an asap assignment, he finds the most secluded work console he can and hopes that Scotty will just forget all about him. But then lady luck has always had it out for him, so naturally just when he has gotten himself so fully emerged in the task at hand, that he forgets all about their arrangement, he hears running footsteps approaching. He barely has time to silently curse Scotty for picking this day as the one to try a new route on, when he hears the man speak.
Eli doesn't even dare to turn around, for the fear of showing all of which he came there to hide in the first place. When he finally does, it's just to check if Scotty face is as indifferent as his voice. Just one look is enough to make him feel an utter fool. Which just make him hate himself all the more for the desperate promises, that Scotty doesn't even bother to stay and listen to.

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(no subject)

from: the_green_file
date: Dec. 5th, 2009 06:15 am (UTC)

Aww, that's kind of sad....:( Poor Scott and Eli....

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Seattle Girl

(no subject)

from: the_seattlegirl
date: Dec. 6th, 2009 11:20 am (UTC)

They both need a cuddle!

Have you thought about posting this at eli_scott ?

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