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[VMars]Fanfiction; Frengers; Logan/Veronica; R; 2/3

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Mar. 18th, 2007 | 11:39 am
posted by: ailati in tiny_prayers

Title: Frengers
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Pairing/Character: Logan, Logan/Veronica, Veronica, mentions of Mac/Dick and the esemble
Word Count: 2115 for this Chapter, 4137 for the whole thing so far
Rating: R
Summary: Not quite friends, not quite strangers
Spoilers: Future fic, but mentions events and conversations that take place in season 3. Nothing past 3.10 Show Me the Monkey, though.
Warnings: angst, language, adult situations, vague mentions of sex
Disclaimer: I am in no way assosioated with the owners of the show. I am however sure that they reserve the right to sue my very broke ass. Only thing they are going to get by doing it however, would be just one very angry fangirl, and I'm sure they already have enough of those.
A/N: The title is an album name of a danish band called Mew. It's also the word that instantly pops in to my head when ever I see either Logan or Veronica trying to come with a word to describe their relationship. Part one can be found here.

When the plane finally lands, returning Veronica once again on the American soil, it’s the dawn of her 30th birthday. Logan is there to pick her up, and she almost lets herself feel the tiny butterfly in her stomach brought by the sight of him after all these months. He smiles as he greets her and then startles her with a hug that just barely too fierce to be just a friendly one. They spend most of the drive in a comfortable silence, with Veronica dosing on and off again. Logan forgets to get angry about being stuck in the traffic. He steals glimpses of Veronica’s sleeping profile, like he’s afraid she might disappear again, until she wakes up.

So tell me, what’s the plan? And it better be good, I’ve just had one of the world’s shittiest flights ever.

Well, the plan was to take you to your I-had-that-rat hole-cleaned-just-for-you –apartment and let you sleep for what I guess will be several hours. And then, because don’t even try to tell me that you’ve had anything even resembling decent lasagne in god knows how long time, I’ll be taking you to the best fucking italic restaurant in New York. Sounds good enough?

The only answer Logan gets is approving mumbling and a smile and then Veronica is fast asleep again. She’s still sleeping when Logan pulls the car in front of her building. Not willing to wake her up he lifts her on his arms and carries her to the apartment and carefully lays her on her bed.

When Veronica wakes up, she thinks for a moment, that she’s still back at some camp. Then she takes in the high roof, where a canvas tent would be. The window is open and from a darkening night she can hear the distant noise of cars and people and life that’s not filled with destruction. The room is just perfectly cool, and if there’s been anything she has really missed its air condition. The sound of Logan humming is floating from the kitchen and Veronica can’t recognize the song. But then again, it’s not really as if she has had the time to keep up to date with things like that. Climbing out of the bed, she promises to herself to make it a point of spending entire day doing nothing but watching movies, as soon as she gets the chance.

Opening the bedroom door, she heads for the shower. To her great surprise she finds that Logan has poured a bath for her. Sliding in the just perfectly warm water, she wonders for a moment, how has he managed to time it so right, but then decides that it really doesn’t matter. She’s floating in pure bliss and damned if she couldn’t get used to all of this again. There is a tentative knock on the door that startles her, making her realize that she has almost fallen asleep, again.

Just making sure you’re not drowning in there. Besides, we only have like two hours, if we’re planning on making our reservations. So... I… Um.. Well I thought that you probably haven’t have had the time to go dress shopping, so I took the liberty to do it for you. It’s waiting for you on your bed, when you’re done there.

It only takes Veronica an hour to get ready. The dress is black and simple and fits her just right. Logan always did have a good taste. She finds him in the living room, wearing a tux that looks expensive enough to be hand-tailored. It makes him look better than she would like to admit. Veronica notes the brief look of... What? Awe? Lust? on Logan’s face, before it disappears and he sets looking thoroughly pleased with himself, wearing that smug grin of his.

Ain’t I really just the best? So, you all ready to go?

There’s a limo waiting for them and only answer Logan gives to Veronica’s non-vocalized question is to shrug it of and telling her just how much he doesn’t want to end yet another night by trying to get a cap. Veronica lets it go without further remarks. The restaurant turns out to be a nice, cosy little place, and she instantly falls in love with it. The lasagne is just as good as Logan promises and Veronica can’t resist the urge to order seconds. They talk a lot and laugh even more. Somehow it reminds her of freshman year in high school, when they were each others regular verbal sparring partners. Only now, neither is in it to hurt the other, and it makes it so much better. Afterwards they argue about splitting the bill, but finally she caves in to the promise that she’ll get to be the one to by desserts. Not that she actually thinks that it makes them even, but by now she has learned to let the man be the man, when he wants to.

Leaving the restaurant, the end up walking around aimlessly. Veronica buys them ridiculously expensive ice creams from a night café and Logan doesn’t protest when she eats half of his as well. It’s not until they are standing in front of an unlit display window, when it dawns on her, that maybe their walk hasn’t been so completely aimless after all. For all the pride she takes in always being aware when people are trying to surprise her, Logan still stays the exception to the rule.

Logan.. This is the LeGrade Gallery. I’ve told you about this place. It’s the greatest art gallery in New York. Last time I was here, they had an amazing show of Dave Beckerman’s photos. What exactly are we doing here?

Her question is answered by the gallery door being opened by a smiling woman in her mid-forties, gesturing them to come inside. By the time it takes for Veronica to get over her initial chock, she has been introduced to Ms. LeGrade, the owner of the gallery herself, who is very eagerly telling Veronica just exactly how exited she is about hosting her first, upcoming art show, and how much she loved the pictures Logan showed to her, but of course Veronica will have a final say in everything, and she really does wish to make it everything she has ever wished for. The woman talks on endlessly, never even stopping to take a breath and Veronica tunes her out, letting her to become adjusted with the idea. As she is walking around the currently empty gallery, picturing it, already planning what she wants to go where, her eyes wander to Logan, standing by the entrance, leaning to the wall, looking indeed very pleased with himself. Meeting his eyes she words a soundless ‘Thank you’ with her lips.

When they finally manage to escape Ms. LeGrade, it’s hours later and even then only after she makes Veronica promise to be back in a week to start going over the plans and the details. Secretly she thinks that if it wasn’t for the birthday party, she knows Keith and Wallace have put too much effort into for her to just skip it – okay so she’s not exactly supposed to know anything about the party, but they know her better than to actually expect her not to – that’s waiting her in Neptune, she might not be able to wait even until the next day to start. She stops at the doorway to take a one more look around, as if still not quiet believing the whole thing. Outside, their limo is waiting to take them home. Logan escorts her all the way back to her door and for a while they both hover there, for the first time that evening not sure what to say or do. Veronica is the one to speak first, a sudden to hell with it ringing in her mind.

So you know, there are some people who might say that an evening like this would constitute as... What was the word? That’s right, a date!

Oh they would, would they? Well, I’ve got a secret for you. There are also some people who might say that they are in fact in the right about it. Now, you have very, very sweet dreams, birthday girl.

The kiss on her hand and the bow are so exaggerated in their gentlemanliness that Veronica can’t help but to laugh. She stays standing by her door until the limo has turned away from her sight.

Not soon after, Veronica is once again in a plane, this time on her way to Neptune together with Logan. She tries to read the newspapers she has brought, but doesn’t find it in herself to concentrate, finally giving up all together, settling on looking out of the window. Logan’s nervousness is evidenced in the way he can’t stop tapping his fingers to his chair. Neither speaks hardly a word during the flight. It’s to Veronica’s enormous surprise that she actually ends up enjoying being back. There is a certain nostalgia to it, and if she’s completely honest with herself, she can’t really claim to have only bad memories of the place. She visits Lilly’s gravesite, and then the high school. Walking through first the empty yard and then the empty hallways, she thinks about remembering the good and forgetting the bad and about letting sleeping ghosts lie for a change. The party itself turns out to be even better than Veronica had expected. There are not that many people – running around the world years on end doesn’t really work miracles for your social circle – but she’s even gladder to see the ones that do show up. She and Wallace’s fiancée instantly hit it off, and Veronica spends hours telling her various embarrassing stories about him, to the point of almost forgetting about the rest of the party. Dick and Mac have Ace with them, and with all of his self-importance of a four-year old, she makes Veronica’s day by trying to hit on her and then continues to flirt whenever given the opportunity. He’s two year old little sister is brash and loud and when Veronica holds her, she giggles in the most adoring way. Two days later she and Logan fly back to New York and as the plane is about to take flight, Veronica thinks that for the first time she might even miss the place a little.

The organization of an art show means more work than Veronica has ever cared to imagine and the closer the opening day gets, the more there seems to be things still to be done. In addition she has the planning of her second Backup Foundation tour to busy herself and she is also invited by few schools and organizations to come talk about her work. Logan is equally busy between an important group action suit nearing its first court date and trying to secure better facilities for his local youth centre. Together they agree to make it a point of trying to spend one day a week just to unwind and to be with each other. It’s not as if they always manage to stick with it, but just often enough. They also agree to take things slowly, because both of them still remember where rushing things have left them before, and they are not even sure what the things are yet. By the time the opening date is starting to get dangerously close, they haven’t even gone further than the occasional handholding, which makes Veronica feel strangely giddy about asking Logan to be her date, but also makes the countless baseball matches, movie marathons and brunches all the more sweeter for it. Before long there’s Christmas and the New Year and Veronica is getting set to go save the world once again. Three days before her departure, Logan takes her on a helicopter cruise over the Manhattan. While circling the skies they talk about not wanting to risk a long-distance relationship, when there hasn’t even been a proper short-distance one and agree to stay just friends. The sudden stab of homesickness that hits her somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean is slowly dulled by they knowledge that they are in fact really friends again.

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(no subject)

from: anonymous
date: Mar. 18th, 2007 01:10 pm (UTC)

Can't wait to see what happens next! Glad that they are friends i just wish they were more than friends. Lagan and Veronica were always so perfect for wach other!

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I'm confused

from: tigereyes320
date: Mar. 18th, 2007 03:34 pm (UTC)

I thougt Dick and Mac lost the baby. and I thought Ace was a child they adopted Did they adopt a sister for him too?

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Strange Little Girl

Re: I'm confused

from: ailati
date: Mar. 18th, 2007 04:06 pm (UTC)

Well I suppose they could have adopted her too, or she might be really theirs. I mean just because they lost a one baby doesn't mean that they could have gotten a second one at some point. I didn't specify it, because it's really not that important for the story. But with all the comment I've gotten about them, I think I'm going to have to write a Dick/Mac sidestory somewhere down the line.

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(no subject)

from: la623
date: Mar. 22nd, 2007 04:43 am (UTC)

Awww...I loved this so much! Can't wait to read more!

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